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Please read through our myriad of testimonials collected over the years - from happy, satisified customers and their dogs all over the world!

Everyone loves their Soft Paws® !

"These Soft Paws are great! My husband and I just bought a place with hardwood floors and our dog was scratching the floors terribly with her nails. Trimming the nails was not working. The Soft Paws work great. No more scratches. I think next time we'll try the blue ones. "

- Elizabeth Stern


"I love softpaws! I have two dogs, a big one and a little one, and softpaws have solved a couple of problems for me. Now the big dog doesn't scar up my hardwood floors with his big old claws and I can let him go anywhere in the house. The little one jumps up when he's glad to see me and used to tear my pantihose, but no more. Since I got softpaws the dogs and I are all happier. Thanks!"

- Joyce, Buddy and Prince

"I am writing to tell you how pleased my little "Maggie" and I are with your wonderful product! When my daughter told me about the little caps for Maggie's paws that I could purchase I was somewhat skeptical, but intrigued none the less. Maggie is a darling little miniature poodle who has a problematic habit of jumping upon my guests legs when they visit my home. I am almost 79 and most of my friends here at the Park are elderly also. I suppose I don't have to tell you that your skin certainly seems to thin with age and Maggie's jumping and pawing was causing quite a bit of pain for my dear friends.

With her cute pink Soft Paws however, no more damage is done or pain inflicted, and I do believe I don't have to worry about being expelled from our Bridge group! Thank you again dear so much for these wonderful 'Soft Paws'."

- Dorothy E. Madden and Maggie


"So often the only time we hear from clients is when they are unhappy with a product or service and are contacting the management or ownership to complain. When a client is content, nothing is communicated whatsoever.

For that reason I am sending you this e-mail with the hope that you will be pleased to know that I am a completely satisfied customer and one who fully intends to take advantage of this useful product as long as I am a dog owner.

I was experiencing a problem with my canine who had a habit of jumping upon my leather couch and scratching and scarring the seat cushions. My wife suggested we try the Soft Paws for Dogs and I am pleased to report that from the first application our dog accepted the product and our couch is no longer being marred."

- P. Timothy Snively

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"The softpaws really work. My floors are protected. I use to have to put booties on my dog Sunny when she came inside. Now she can come in without the hassle. Any suggestions for the garden digging problem?"

- Melinda G.

"I am so happy with my dog's Soft Paws!

As I told you on the phone when I ordered them, my landlord was upset that my dog was scratching the hardwood floors in my apartment. I almost had to leave but when I found your site and called and found out that I could put these on myself and you said they really would work, I was so excited to get them.!

The package came in the mail really fast and we don't have any more problems with scratching the wood floor. My landlord was very happy to see this and said he was going to make all new tennants with little dogs get them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

- Heather Aikens

"Thanks for the Soft Paws. They have saved my floors and my marriage. I was not about to keep my dog outside when we got hardwood floors. The only problem I have had is my dog and I run every morning. This was causing the nail caps to wear out on the bottom faster than normal. We run on the asphalt road and it really wore them out fast. But, I found a solution. I put booties that I got form a dog catalog on her when we run and I have no more problems. Just thought I would pass this info along."

- Cindy Ellis

"I don’t understand. I scratch at the door when I want to come in. It works, but sometimes my owner gets mad. Now I have purple nails. I can scratch at the door, I get let inside, everyone is happy.

I hope I get to wear red for Christmas."

- Face, The Pug
"My mother is a diabetic and was having problems with her dog scratching her all the time. It is not that the dog was mean, it just would jump up on her or when he was on her lap, he would sometimes accidentally scratch her arms. We thought we would have to get rid of her dog because of her fragile skin. SoftPaws has helped tremendously. She doesn’t get scratched like she used to. Thanks."

- David T.
"Soft Paws solved my problem. My dog lets me know she needs to go outside by scratching the door. I don't want her to stop letting me know, but my door was a mess. I put the Soft Paws on her (it was really easy) and refinished my door. No more scratches. Thanks again."

- Harry DiNenna

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